• Enquiry-Admission Module

    Agam ERP Version 1.0
    To track every enquiry and admission from all the point of views, Fees tracking, reminder and notifications.

  • Resource Management Module

    Agam ERP Version 1.0
    To track every resource consumptions, resource availability, Resource effectiveness, Purpose of consumptions.

  • e-learning Module

    Agam ERP Version 1.0
    Tracking all the academic operations. Standardization and centralisation of academics. Comparative, absolute evaluation and assessment.

  • Curriculum-Attendance Module

    Agam ERP Version 1.0
    Tracking all the running batches, students curriculum requirements, course- curriculum tracking, curriculum obligation, fulfilment and acknowledgement.

  • Communication and Notification Module

    Agam ERP Version 1.0
    Seamless communication, regular updates on sms and emails. Periodic, manual and automated notification system.

  • Alumni Portal

    Agam ERP Version 1.0
    A perfect association platform and social network site for developing alumni portal.

Digitization & Centralization.

Standardization & Modernization of Academics.

Reuniting your Gems.

Who We Are

Agam is an IT company dealing with education sector exclusively. We fulfill every possible IT needs of educational insitute can have. We provide ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)E-Learning PlatformAlumni portals, Websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to our clients. We do not believe in providing a readymade product to any of our clients, we provide them a service exclusively tailored for them so that they do not have to change their current practices to adjust with the system.

For more details you can visit About Us Page.

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